This petition will go to State Legislatures and Governors across the country, as well as Congressional leaders. Even if your state already has joined, signing the petition demonstrates nationwide support for electing a President by popular vote:

Petition for a National Popular Vote

We, the undersigned, believe it is vital for democracy to elect our President through a national popular vote. We believe that the United States should hold a national popular vote in 2020.  The candidate with the most votes throughout our entire country should win the Presidency. We are One Nation. Each of us should have One Vote that counts equally, regardless of where you live.  It is not necessary to amend the Constitution to hold a national vote for President. The United States can directly elect the President of the United States if enough States sign the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. We call on our State officials to endorse a national popular vote for President and the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. We are Americans of all states, of all races, of all religions, of all genders, of all ages. We are Democrats. We are Republicans. We are Greens. We are Libertarians. We are Independents. But we are One Nation. We should hold One Vote, where every vote is equal and where the most votes for President wins. 

Will you sign?